Electric Car Charging

In addition to the everyday electrical services that we provide, we can also help you to prepare for electric car charging at home. The Office of Low Emission Vehicles are currently funding up to 75% of the installation cost of home electric car charging points. **We can help to secure this for you.**

We also work with suppliers of car charging points, as preferred installers. Whether you decide to come directly to us, or to request installation from your supplier, you’re quite likely to meet us.


Benefits of Electric Car Charging

The government are planning to scrap all fuel powered cars by 2040. Although that may seem like a long way off, the country is getting closer to this deadline every day. It may even be possible to beat this date by several years if we all pull together. Our planet is getting damaged by the current level of fuel emissions. By having the convenience of charging your car at home, you’ll be able to contribute to the slowing down of global warming.

Slow Down & Stop Global Warming