House Rewire Nuneaton


Most of us take the electricity that we have at home, for granted. We’ve got wires running inside the walls and hidden fuseboards. Of course, without it being so visible, it’s easy to forget that it should be checked at least every five years.
All electrical parts including wires, socket outlets, switches and other parts can deteriorate over time with use. Let alone the fact that many homes in the UK have wiring in place that is old. It’s actually very unsafe and could be the cause of a fire. It may also be behind the high bills that you get.
If you’re thinking of moving, when you sell your home, this old electrical set up could be flagged up in your building survey. It could even affect the value of your home.

Vintage electrics to look out for:
If you’ve got black rubber cables or fuseboards with a wooden box, then you’re in need of an electrical make-over. If you’ve got braided flex hanging from ceiling roses, or any sockets with 4 screws top and bottom, then call us in. You also shouldn’t have any wall-mounted light switches in bathrooms. Your electrics are decades old and should be replaced for your own safety. We’ve been in the electrics business for over 60 years (accumulated). We’ll handle the job for you safely, with our proven expertise and you won’t get any shocks, from the bill or by any other means. We promise.

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