Electrical Testing and Landlords Certificates

It’s our job to help keep your home safe and your electrics updated. To enable this to happen, we provide comprehensive electrical inspections. With safety in mind, we can even give your property a complimentary safety check up with every service call that we make.


Complimentary safety check up

During the complimentary safety check up, our electricians will inspect your electrical system to check whether it’s in alignment with the current electrical regulations. If we find something amiss, we can correct it during the same visit.

It’s our goal to ensure that your electrical system functions properly and doesn’t put you at risk. We strongly advise you to call us in today to avoid any possible fire hazards or electric shocks.

The electrical safety council report that 20% of electrocutions are caused by wiring that is either damaged or exposed.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified electricians will ensure that your home complies with current electrical regulations so that your family are kept safe.

New Regulation Update Alert

The latest regulation for electrical installations is that all bathroom sockets and kitchen sockets must use rcds (residual current devices) to ensure that there is instant current cut-off in order to prevent electric shocks.

To schedule an electrical inspection and have electrical regulation violations corrected by our qualified professional electricians today. We will be happy to make all the necessary changes to help keep you and your family safe.