What is a EICR or Periodic Inspection Report as they used to be called and do I need one?

A EICR (Electrical Inspection Condition Report) is a Electrical report to let you know that the property is electrically safe for your tenants to live it.

The simple answer is yes, whether it’s your home, a business or a property you rent out, your electrical installation should always be covered by an in date Electrical Condition Report for your own benefit and your tenants.

Do you know that if your a landlord and rent out a property and your tenant is electrically hurt due to unsafe electrics then you can be prosecuted? Claiming that you were unaware of the condition of the electrical installation is not a suitable defence. Many local council’s will insist on a Condition Report for licencing rental properties.

Many Insurance Companies require an Electrical Condition Report before providing cover, especially where workers or the public are concerned.

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