Lot 20 Regulation

The Lot 20 regulation is a significant change in the electrical heating industry and will affect all members of the market, from manufacturers to end-users.

Non-compliant products can no longer be manufactured from January 2018, but can still be sold after that date until they are cleared through the market. This means that you will need to change the products that you install.

Lot 20 requires that the consumption and emissions for local space heaters must be reduced by applying “existing, non-proprietary technologies” without an increase in the combined costs of purchasing and operating the products. This means that whilst the initial product price may increase to cover the cost of the new technologies, the lifetime running costs will be lower.

By specifying the latest products, Amazing Electricians can give our customers confidence that they have a better quality product, using smart technologies that can help keep running costs to a minimum.

What is Lot 20 and what does it effect for me?

From 1st January 2018, all local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU which use electricity, gas or liquid fuels must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. The aim of this legislation is to remove inefficient technologies and reduce the energy used by the products that heat our homes, helping to achieve our overall carbon reduction targets.

Lot 20 affects:

 ·      Storage heaters

·      Direct acting heaters

·      Portable heaters

·      Radiant heaters

·      Electric fires

·      Gas fires

·      Underfloor heating

·      Infra-red heaters

Lot 20 does not affect:

·      Local space heaters using a vapour compression cycle (heat pumps)

·      Local space heaters that are specified for outdoor use only

·     Sauna stoves

·     Slave heaters

·     Tubular heaters

·     Towel rails

·     Frost protection heaters

·     Air curtains

How will it affect you as a Landlord?

The improved energy efficiency of products may help increase your properties energy ratings, as affected by the minimum energy efficiency standards, and your tenants can be rest assured that running costs will decrease (especially important if rent includes energy bills).  Some products even have lockable controllers, disabling the ability for tenants to tamper with the heat settings.

You do not need to replace your existing heaters. Just be aware that non-compliant products can no longer be manufactured from the date above, but can still be sold after that date until they are cleared through the market. This means that there is no immediate need for review of your heating, just a change in what’s available to you if you do look to undertake refurbishment and replacement projects now and in the future.

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