Our Electricians work tirelessly on maintaining our client’s electrics, but problems can occur no matter how safe and protected we make your set up,  this is why we are available anytime of the day or night.  We have a long list of companies now that rely on us to get them out of trouble when problems occur. The name Amazing Electricians isn’t just our ego it came from our customers. We work closely with customers to get down to where they are and what needs bringing up to date/standard. We give what our customers need in the way of planned maintenance, then we keep track of it so you don’t have to. This has a massive impact on the number of callouts per year, but should you need us you can be sure we are always on the other end of the phone. 


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Success stories from our Customers

“Amazing Electricians have worked on lots of our properties and has helped us to secure 10 year leases on more than one occasion.

Our tenants who upgrade to LED Lighting with Darren are now all saving money. All of them like how his team approaches the projects and works as they do.

We will continue to work with him and encourage our tenants to do so aswell.”

James Davies - The Wigley Group

“We have used Darren’s service for years now.

He has constantly talked about us getting our warehouse lights changed to LED’s and the money we could save.

We never really gave it much thought until he gave us a payback report just after we signed a new lease, he has saved us around £360k over our 4 year lease -‘Glad he kept bringing it up now’.

To repay the favour we have introduced him to a couple of our partners in the transport & warehouse industry.”

Kevin Bennett - Transport Solutions Ltd

No more re-lamping costs. Save money not having to get contractors changing light bulbs. LED Lights 50,000hr warranty on them.

Save energy & money on the bills. The payback term generally works out after a few years. We can work this out on site.

Set up a site meeting. No pushy sales people, it will be me. I’ll show you how we can save you money and its up to you if you want to go ahead.

We work to programs to cause you as little disruption possible to your current operation.

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