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There are many homes in the UK that are still reliant on the old-style fuseboard. If you have one in use in your property, we strongly recommend that you replace it for a new style consumer unit. Not only will this be safer for you and your family, or tenants, but it will also bring you up to the current standards when it comes to electrical regulations.
The older style fuseboards are not always made of material that is non-combustible. This presents another danger to your property.
However, unless you have the full electrical qualifications, then you shouldn’t be trying to upgrade this fuseboard yourself. Nor should you be inviting a rogue trader into your home. Trust us, it’s not worth the risk.
Do I need to upgrade?
Your electrical installation should be in alignment with the BS7671 requirements. If this is the case, then no upgrade is necessary. However, you won’t be able to tell whether it is not just by ‘looking’. You’ll need to call a professional electrician in to your property to perform an electrical inspection.
To provide you with an understanding of whether your fuseboard might need an upgrade, we’ve put together a few pointers or tell-tale signs that your fuseboard needs an upgrade:
• Your fuseboard has either a wooden back or cast-iron switches, or both.
• You’re planning to rent out your property, and you know that the electrics haven’t been upgraded for several years.
• You don’t have any RCDs (residual current devices) otherwise known as sockets, that have been buried in the walls. You also don’t have any that outdoor electrical equipment can be plugged into.
• You are planning to build an extension, a conversion, adding Solar PV or even adding an electric shower – with new wiring and circuits.
No matter who is living in your property, you don’t want to put their life in danger, whether it’s your family or tenants. By not attending to these matters, you could even be putting yourself at risk of a substantial fine, court proceedings or perhaps imprisonment.
Unfortunately, over a million people are injured every year in the UK by electrical accidents and around 70 people die. It happens far more often than you may realise. Around half of the fires that occur in UK homes are started by electrical faults and many of these can be prevented by having RCD protection.
What do RCDs do?
Having an RCD (residual current device) is a must. It’s what will turn off the electricity off you get a shock. Without them installed, you’ll need to do this manually – which will be the difference between life and death. Here are the benefits of having them installed:
• Having a new fuse board installed will give your property some protection against fire in addition to protecting you against most electric shocks.
• There are many homes in the UK that don’t have RCDs installed, which puts the occupants at considerable but unnecessary risk.

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